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Last updated : 25 April 2021

Yes Bank is a banking stock. NSE Code of Yes Bank is YESBANK. BSE Code for YESBANK is 532648. Face value of Yes Bank is Rs. 2. Yes Bank is not available for Future and Options trading.

Latest View on Yes Bank

25 April 2021: Yesbank closed at 14.00 (NSE closing as on 23 April 2021). As per chart resistance at 14.15. Above 14.15 we can see 14.40 / 14.50 level in this stock. Above view only for educational purpose.

20 Aug 2020: Yesbank closed at 15.75 (NSE closing as on 20 Aug 2020). 19.80 next big hurdle for Yesbank. For short term trader 14.80-14.90 good support. For long term investor Rs. 11 is good support level. Once stock will sustain above 20 then we can see upside upto 35 to 40 level. Above view only for educational purpose.

09 May 2020: Yesbank after result shown some move but selling pressure very high in this stock and stock down again below 27 level. As per chart immediate support at 25.50. If Yesbank sustain below or close below 25.50, we can see more downside to 22-23 levels. For strong upmove stock should close above 30 levels, till below 30, no fresh buying adviced. Above view only for education purpose.

11 April 2020: Yesbank in good news since last few months. Given sharp rally to 85+ level and back to 24 again. I will not advised to make any fresh entry till things not clear completely. Suggested to buy around 6-7 rs to client and booked profit same day at 15. Now will advised only when something good there in Yesbank.

9 Dec 2019 : Yesbank closed at 56.25 in NSE today on 9 Dec 2019. Stock having some news related to fund raising. We can see some volatility in this stock in next 2 - 3 days. Although stock is in Ban period in F&O this time. All indicator in sell side this time. Volume based buying required and stock should close above 62-63 level for further move. Till that time it will consolidate in the range of 54-59.

3 Nov 2019 : Yesbank closed at 66.60 in NSE on 1st Nov 2019. In last week we have seen a good spike in yesbank upto 78.70 level. Next big hurdle around 83-84 level in Yesbank. Stock in news a lot this time. On Monday, 4th Nov 2019, we will see result impact in this stock.

21 Oct 2019 : Yesbank closed at 51.40 on 18th Oct in NSE. After making 52 week low of 29, we have seen some good recovery in this stock in last few days and stock just now closed below one of its resistance level 52-53. In coming days, if any good news comes for this stock then we can see stock again above 60 levels.

4 July 2019 : Yes Bank closed today at 96.25, down by more than 3% today. Yesbank made today new 52 week low of 95.20. Day by day, Month wise month this stock coming down. No positive news, No buy signal in chart. Stock required some positive news to go up now. Next support as per monthly chart around 90-92 level. Once stock will take U turn, it will move to 135-140 levels, but for that strong positive news required.

15 May 2019 : Yes Bank closed today at 142.95, down by more than 8% today. Yesbank made today new 52 week low of 141.80. One should avoid fresh entry in cash or yesbank future at current levels as chart is totally weak and till stock not showing any reversal sign, avoid to trade in this stock. As election event there, so one can take risk in yesbank options.

14 May 2019 : Yes Bank closed today at 155.85, little bit green up by 0.74%. In last few months we have seen great volatility in this stock. First stock down to 140 level from 404, again reversal up to 286 level and now again at 155 level. Daily and weekly chart not good. But as election result there so better to avoid carry long yesbank future position for next few days. One can buy yesbank 160 call or yesbank 170 call options and hedge it with yesbank 130 put.