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Tata Motors

Last updated : 27 July 2021

Tata Motors is Auto sector stock. Tata Motors NSE Code is TATAMOTORS. BSE Code for Tata Motors is 500570. Face value of Tata Motors is 2. Tata Motors also available for Future and Options trading. Lot size for Tata Motors is 2850. (Time to time lot size changed by exchange, so please check it once before taking any action).

Latest View on Tata Motors

27 July 2021 : Tata Motors closed at 291.40 (NSE closing, 26 July 2021). As per chart next strong support for this stock at around 279-280 level, long term investor can start accumulation of this stock in range of 280 to 290. Swing trader should wait till no strong buy signal in chart. Risky trader may enter if come around 285 level with stop loss of 278 for upside target 299-304. Above view only for educational purpose.

06 June 2021 : Tata Motors closed at 334.95 (NSE closing, 04 June 2021). Tata Motors looking so strong in chart. If market looks positive then one can buy this stock for upside target 340 / 344 with stop loss of 330. If in any case stock come down to 327-329 level then it is good opportunity to make long position with stop loss of 323. Above view only for educational purpose.

23 May 2021 : Tata Motors closed at 313.10 (NSE closing, 21 May 2021). For this stock, 310 is an immediate support, after that 305-305 will act as next support level. On the upper side 317/318 looks resistance level, if sustain above 318 then stock will try to touch 323 / 326 level. If market looks weak then sell this stock with stop loss of 318 for target upto 305-306. If market moods good then buy this stock above 318 for target upto 323/326 with stop loss of 312. Above view only for educational purpose.

11 May 2021 : Tata Motors closed at 315.55 (NSE closing, 11 May 2021). We have seen some selling in this stock from higher level 320, it made high 320.75 and after that fall started. If tomorrow market looks weak then below 313 one can make short position for target 309/307 with stop loss of 319. Buy will be good if stock cross its today's high 320.75 and sustain for 15-20 min above this level. Above view only for educational purpose.

09 May 2021 : Tata Motors closed at 302.75 on Friday, 07 May 2021. In last 30 min we have seen some fall in tata motors, but at last it closed just above hourly support level, if market open positive tomorrow, then one can with stop loss 299 for target price 306 / 309. Below 299, we can see selling pressure in this stock, and it can touch 296 / 293 level in intraday. Above view only for educational purpose.

18 Apr 2021 : Tata Motors closed at 310 on Friday, 16 Apr 2021. If we see its daily chart, we can see 278-280 is strong support level and at the same time it is facing resistance around 320 zone. Monthly and weekly pattern still strong. Once stock will sustain above 320, we will see further rally upto 360-375. It may take one to two months. For long term investor, it is always one of best pick, so they can hold this stock for more longer term to get best profit. For tomorrow, 19 April 2021, resistance level 313 / 316 and support level 305/ 301. Avoid short selling in this stock and if sustain above 312.50 for 10 to 15 minutes then go long with stop loss of 307. Above view only for educational purpose.

02 May 2020 : Tata Motors closed at 93.75 up 19.96%. If we see its daily chart, gap can be seen easily in chart, so i think stock will be a good cadidate to short, it will come down first to fill the gap. Only short if market looks weak cause heavy volume buying we have seen in this stock. As recent news not that good for Auto sectors, so it is good opportunity to short this stock. As per chart 108-110 would be the stop loss for short position, since Lot size is big so if you have good capital then only short and hedge your position properly with call and put options. If you are equity intraday trader, then sell this stock below 90 with small stop loss of 94 for target price of 84-83.

11 Apr 2020 : Tata Motors moved to 76+ and some profit booking we have in this counter. After 20% rally, it looks stock may sustain in the zone of 68-72. For next trend one should wait and watch 3-4 session.

07 May 2019 : Tata Motors closed today at 190.95 down by more than 4%. As mentioned in previous post that 198 is strong support for this stock and it broken today we have seen big selling in this counter. We told to avoid go long in Tata Motors Future till no solid signal in chart. Tata Motors Future slipped to day low 190.40 and closed at 192.05 after settlement. Tatamotors 190 put given good return to trader, from day low 5.25 it moved to 11.10 today. Tatamotors 200 call down to 7.65 from day high 13.85. If market open positive and sustain tomorrow in positive zone then one can take risk in tatamotor 200 call around 7-8 rs with stop loss of 5 rs for target price of 10.50.

06 May 2019 : Tata Motors closed below 200 at 199.80. Made low today 198. Still weakness in chart. One should wait for buy signal in this stock. Tata Motors 210 call one can buy above 10.60 with stop loss of 7 for target 13 / 16. Avoid buying in Tata Motors Future till no solid signal generated in chart.

05 May 2019 : Stock closed at 209.45 in NSE on Friday (03 May 2019), we have seen good rally in this counter in last one month and from level of 239-240, we have seen sell off in this stock and now broken two important support, first one around 219 and second 212 and closed below these level. Now next support around 202-198 range. Market also struggling to cross 11800 mark. Tata Motors will be a good by above 215 in this scenario with stop loss of 198 for short to medium term target 245.

19 April 2019 : Some profit booking we have seen around 237-238 levels. Below 233-234 if stock sustain then we can see further downside upto 228-229 levels.