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Last updated : 6 July 2019

COPPER is of the best commodity for trading cause of its smoothness and low volatility. Copper mostly follow technicals. Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) allowed traders to trade in Copper. One can trade in Copper Mega. Lot size of Copper is 2500 ( 1 Points = Rs. 2500). Some margin amount required to trade in this Copper mega. For Copper, margin required Rs. 65000 to Rs. 70000 as per its volaility. When volatility high, exchanges increased margin of Copper. (Time to time margin changed by exchange, so please check it once before taking any action). Recently, exchange started trading in Copper Options also, so trader can buy Copper call and put options also. One can hedge their long or short position of Copper by writing Copper options. One should have proper knowledge to do this.

Latest View on Copper

12 May 2019 : In international market, Copper closed at 2.779 and in Indian Market, Copper closed at 431.85. In last few sessions, we have seen nice ups and downs in base metals cause of trade war issue between China and US. Three to four times Copper broken 429-430 levels but somehow getting support at 426-427 and we have seen bounce back from lower levels. Copper facing resistance around 439-440 level. So these level will be crucial for next week. One can buy Copper 440 call, if copper cross and sustain above 434 levels. Stop loss should be at 427 level.