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We give recommendations on both Weekly and Monthly Nifty call options and Nifty put options. We provides both intraday and positional calls in this segment. As per client's feedback, we are one of the best Nifty options tips provider. Actually as we know that options trading is little bit risky and sometimes option is very volatile when expiry comes near. So we make position with proper stop loss and target in this segment and if we get good profit in intraday then we close the position same day otherwise we can tell to carry the position for next trading session. In Normal trading session , a close strike price call or put option giving 25 to 30 points movement in its day high and day low, but it is very difficult to catch the option at day low and sell at day high. Generally we keep target 30 to 45 points and stop loss around 15 to 20 points in Nifty options call and put tips. We suggest to a Normal trader to trade with Minimum 4 lot in each call in this segment. Cause if average we are getting minimum 100 points with one lot trading in a month then client may make 100 x 4 =400 points means a trader can earn Rs. 30000.00 One can trade with big quantity also. We never say to book partial profit, we close the call by sending one message for all trader. We are giving proper follow up message if we are going to carry any position for next trading session. Sometime, we tell to client to buy both call and put and make hedging, but since it take sometime to give return, so we suggest to buy one one lot of each option so that we can continue with our normal trading. For Nifty options tips free trial, you can fill the free trial form or contact us on whatsapp no. +919981722011.


  • Nifty weekly and monthly options tips with single target.

  • Mostly one call in Weekly Nifty options and one call in Monthly Nifty options per day with strict stop loss.

  • Sometimes we send more than one call in a day if market supports.

  • There will be only one target in Nifty Options recommendations.

  • We send our Intraday Nifty Options calls via Whatsapp (+91-9981722011)

  • Full time support during Market hour and after market hour for any type of query or confusion.

  • Daily we provide technical resistance and support level for Nifty spot and Nifty Future also.

Sample Messages :-

  • Buy Nifty weekly 11500 put at 52-53 stop loss 29 target 78.

  • Book Nifty weekly 11500 put at 75 now


  • Buy Nifty Monthly 11600 call at 150 stop loss 128 target 190.

  • Book profit in Nifty Monthly 11600 call at cmp 178.


  • Buy Nifty Monthly 11400 call at 140 (Place buy order) stop loss 122 target 166.

  • Buy triggered in Nifty Monthly 11400 call at 140.

  • Book profit in Monthly 11400 call at cmp 162-163.


  • Buy Nifty weekly 11400 call at 18 and Nifty 11350 put at 14 and wait till next update..

  • Book profit in Nifty weekly 11400 call at 55 and exit with 11350 put at 2.


Service charges :-


Rs. 5000


Rs. 12000

Half Yearly

Rs. 22000


Rs. 40000


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