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31 Oct 2018

NIFTY : After making low of 10105.10 in morning sell off, we have seen huge recovery in market and Nifty closed near day high at 10386.60, it made high of 10396 today. Nifty Nov Future made low of 10111.35 and it moved to day high 10419.85 and finally closed at 10380.75. For Thursday, Nifty Future support level is at around 10300 then at 10250, and if it may face resitance around 10470 level.

BANKNIFTY : In morning session, we have seen selling pressure in bank nifty and once it was below 24600 level but later we have seen good recovery in bank nifty and it made high of 25201.30 and finally closed at 25153. Banknifty Nov Fut contract moved to 25258.05 after making low of 24625. Tomorrow is the weekly expiry for Banknifty so it will be very volatile session tomorrow. Support for Banknifty Future around 24940 and resistance is at around 25350 level.

Coal India : Coal India broken important support level of 270-271 and closed around 266, chart now weak and if it sustain below 269 for 2-3 hours then we can see level of 262 to 258 in intraday or in 2 ot 3 days.

UPL: Almost 20% upside we have seen in this stock in last 4 to 5 session and now stock near to resistance level 685-690. If any selling pressure come in to market then we can see target of 640- to 644 in this stock.

30 Oct 2018

NIFTY : After making high of 10285.10 Nifty closed below 10200 at 10198.40 down by 52.45 points. It was a little bit volatile session and trend was not clear in mid of the session and finally we have seen profit booking in market. Nifty Future made high today 10315 in morning session, then whole day it was in the tight range of 10240 to 10280 level. In last hour Nifty Future made low of 10195.30 and finally closed at 10225. For Wednesday, Nifty Future support level is at around 10180 then at 10140. Nifty Future may face resistance at 10280 , and if it sustain above 10280 then we can see level of 10300+ in Nifty Future again.

BANKNIFTY : In last two session, we have seen good rally in Banknifty. In today's session Banknifty Future made high of 25214 but could not sustain above resitance level of 25190 and slipped below 25000. Banknifty Future made low of 24767.35 in intraday session and finally closed at 24911. For wednesday, Banknifty Future resistance level around 25080 then at 25250. Banknifty Future strong support now at 24800 followed by 24650.

Dr Reddy : Dr Reddy closed today at 2593 up by 2.37%. In daily chart, it looks that in coming days it can touch level of 2660 / 2750. Now support around 2490-2500 for Dr reddy.

Indusind Bank : In last 3 months we have seen more than 30% correction in Indusind Bank. Somehow it looks that stock is oversold and it is good stock in private bank sector which can perform well in coming days or months. One can accumuate this stock for target of 1600 in short to medium term. Accumulate more if come down to 1240-1250 level.

29 Oct 2018

NIFTY : Good start for this week and Nifty closed above 10250 level up by 220.85 points. At opening we have seen again same story opening at higher level and selling pressure but later market hold 10000 level and moved nicely. Nifty November Future made low of 10055.55 and closed at 10279.65. In intraday it touched level of 10306.40. For Tuesday, Nifty Future support at 10220 then at 10160 and Resistance for Nifty November Future around 10350 then at 10400..

BANKNIFTY : After making low of 24404.55 in morning session Banknifty moved given rally upto 25023.75 level. When news came related to PSU banks. Banknifty closed at 24959.70 up by 538.65 points.. For Tuesday, Banknifty Future support is around 24900 then 24750 level. Banknifty Future may face resistance to cross 25190 level.

Ashok Leyland : We have seen some fresh buying in Ashok Leyland and stock crossed 115 today. In short to medium term term stock may touch level of 122.

Tech Mahindra : Tech Mahindra made low 644 and moved to 669.05 day high and closed at 664.25. As per chart today it cross important resistance of 664 and closed above that level, if tomorrow market good then we can see upside upto 676. For short term we can expect target of 688.

27 Oct 2018

NIFTY : First trading session of November expiry was not good of bulls and Nifty closed at 10030 down by more than 94 points. Nifty was able to hold 10000 level.. in intraday session Nifty made low of 10004.55. Once Nifty recovered more than 100 points from lower level but in last hour again selling started in market and Nifty closed near day low. For Monday, Nifty support at 10000 and next support at 9950. Resistance for Nifty around 10080 then at 10130.

BANKNIFTY : Banknifty closed down by approx 400 points on Friday session. At opening banknifty broken support level of 24800 but from lower level we have seen some recovery of 150-160 points.. but in last hour of market Banknifty broken the level of 24400 also. For Monday, Banknifty support is around 24200 then 24050 level. Banknifty may face resistance to cross 24700 level.

Raymond : We have seen good buying in Raymond and stock closed more than 11% up. But as per daily chart resitance is around 710-720 level. Once it will cross 720 with volume we can see level of 740 to 750.

Titan : In last few session we have seen that Titan getting good support around 750 to 760 level and stock given closing above 800 while Nifty closed at new low. For coming days Titan could be good buy for target 855-858. Titan may face hurdle to cross resistance level of 865 to 870.

25 Oct 2018

NIFTY : Now finally expiry suspense over, and nifty closed at 10124.90 down by 99.85. Once Nifty broken important support level of 10100 also..but again bounced back from lower levels. Nifty Future (Nov Contract) made low of 10122.65 and once moved to day high 10219.95 also but finally closed around 10190. For tomorrow, Nifty resistance around 10150 / 10200 and support around 10080/10040.

BANKNIFTY : Banknifty was little bit much volatile today. After making low around 24700, Banknifty closed above support level of 24800 and closed at 24817.45. Banknifty Future Nov Future moved above 25000 in last 10 minutes due to rollover.

BATAINDIA : Bataindia moved today more than 5% and closed at 923.15 after making high of 931.95. Stock having resistance around 945-950 zone. Once stock will cross this zone we can see 980 to 1000 level in this stock in short to medium term.

CADILA HEALTHCARE : Just in few session stock down more than 10%..few days back it was around 380-384 level and big fall we have seen in this stock. Chart is very weak now. If market trend will not change then we can see more lower levels in this stock. In daily chart we can see support around 330.

24 Oct 2018

NIFTY : Before one day of expiry day, we have seen gap up opening in market as Crude down in internation market more than 4% on 23rd Oct 2018, and rupee also become stronger versus Dollar. But again the same story repeated in market and after making day high of 10290.65 , again selling pressure we have seen in market, and once Nifty turned into negative and made low of 10126.70. But in last hour of trading again we have seen big short covereing in market and Nifty recovered more than 100 points and closed finally at 10224.75. For tomorrow, as its expiry day, as per my view expiry level may be in between 10250 to 10280. For tomorrow Nifty support at 10165 then next support at 10125. Nifty resistance for tomorrow at 10250 then at 10295.

BANKNIFTY : Banknifty opened at 25348.5, just below resistance of 25350. And as profit booking started in market once it was near to 24850, but got support at those level and in last hour due to big short covering we have seen recovery upto 25127 level. For tomorrow, Banknifty resistance same at 25190 then at 25350 and support at around 24850 then at 24750.

CONCOR : Container corporation today down more than 3% and closed at 558.20. Stock fundamentally very strong and in weekly chart good support around 530-540 level. Looks soon this stock will go above 600 level. Accumulate this stock in every dip.

Tata Motors : Somehow it looks that Tatamotors made base at current level of 168-170. For coming week Tata motor could be a good buy with stop loss of 166.

IGL : IGL moved well today and closed up by 4.76% at 249.85 up by Rs. 11.35. For coming week, IGL may be a good buy with stop loss 238 for target 268.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES: Reliance Industries not breaking level of 1030 after big fall in market. It is a good buy now with stop loss 1030 for target price of 1080 to 1120 for Nov series.

23 Oct 2018

NIFTY :Nifty still not getting any support and broken today recent low of 10138.60 (11 Oct 2018) and made new low of 10102.35. In last one hour of trade we have seen some short covering of 80-85 points in Nifty, and Nifty given clsoing at 10146.80, down by 98.45 points. Sensex also down 287.15 point down, closed at 33847 level. Last hour of short covering looks like that Nifty will not break this level of 10100 in coming day, and we can see some rally up to 10400-10450 in market in coming days. For tomorrow Nifty Future Nov resistance at 10240 / 10280 and support now at 10170 / 10130 level.

BANKNIFTY : Banknifty opening was more than 300 points down but soon it came once in green. But again selling pressure came in market and banknifty once close to day low 24784.90, but in last hour of short covering Banknifty moved nicely and closed above imporant level of 25000. For tomorrow, Banknifty future (Oct Contract) resistance same at 25190 / 25350 and support level also same at 24900 then 24800 level.

M&M : As per weekly chart M&M having strong support around 710-720 and we have seen good recovery in this stock from day low 716.20 and stock closed at 732.95. In coming days we can see 769 to 799 level in this stock.

HPCL: We have seen good buying today in this stock and stock closed at 217.90. Crude also down by more than 4% today, it is good news for Oil Marketing companies and we can see HPCL above 235 in coming days.

HDFC : We have good short covering in HDFC today and stock fundamentally also very strong. Stock may move to 1800 in coming days. Strong support now at 1640 level.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES: Reliance Industries made low around 1043 and able to close above 1050 level.

22 Oct 2018

NIFTY : Today, we have seen gap up opening in market, but market could not sustained at higher level and we have seen again selling pressure in market. Indusind Bank, BPCL, Ultratech, Reliance Industries contributed a lot in this fall. Nifty closed at 10245.25 down by 58.30 points. Opening was more than 95+ points. For tomorrow, Nifty Future support level 10215 / 10185 and Resistance now at 10285 / 10325.

BANKNIFTY : Comparision to Nifty , till mid session Bank Nifty was very strong, but in last hour of trade we have seen profit booking in Banknifty Future also. In intraday, it touched low of 24966.70, but able to close above 25000 mark, and closed at 25057. For tomorrow Banknifty Future may face resistance at 25190 / 25350. Support for Banknifty Future around 24900 / 24800 level.

ICICI BANK : ICICI Bank was very strong counter in today's session. It closed at 327.10, near day high at 329.85, up by 4%. ICICI Bank now having good support at 323 and we can see 332 / 335 level in this stock.

APOLLO HOSPITAL: As per daily chart, it looks like that more upside there in Apollo Hospital. Support is at around 1100, and possible that stock will bounce upto 1166 to 1180 level.

TITAN : TITAN looks weak in chart. Last week this counter was above 820 and today we have seen below 780. If stock sustain below 769 then we can see level of 755 to 740 in this stock.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES: Reliance Industries broken today important support level of 1070-1075, and closed below this level. Now for any upside, it should sustain above 1075 atleast for a day. Below 1059 we can see 1050 to 1037 level.

19 Oct 2018

NIFTY : One more bad day for Indian Stock Market. Cause of weak Global cues, Nifty closed 149.50 points down at 10303.55. Nifty Future made high around 10388 after market opening but could not sustain at higher level and again panic selling started in market and once nifty future broken the level of 10250 also and made low of 10246.35. But, in last 30-40 minutes we have seen some short covering in market and Nifty Future closed at 10314. Next week expiry there and Nifty having strong resistance at 10350 / 10400 level, if everything will be alright then we can see expiry above 10400. If any bad news from global market then it looks expiry level will be below 10200.

BANKNIFTY : Comparision to Nifty , Banknifty shown streangth today. In intraday session Bank Nifty Future made low of 24860.10 and closed at 25085. Banknifty 25000 call and 25000 put was most active options for banknifty today.

JUBILANT FOOD : Jubilant Food shown good rally in bad market. It closed at 1268.30, moved more than Rs. 60. As per today's chart, it seems in next week Jubilant Food may touch 1295 level and if sustain above 1295 then we can see 1315.

VEDANTA : As per yesterday post Vedanta first went down to given target 203.50 then also achieved upside target of 211. As per intraday chart, if it is able to cross 213 on Monday then we can see rally up to 224 before expiry. Support now at around 206-207 level.

DHFL : DHFL nowadays one of the favourite of trader and investor. But it is very volatile. Today in intraday session it made low of 205 and closed just above 210. As per chart it looks one can buy this stock for long term, but adviced not to put big amount in one time. If you have 100 rs. then here you can invest 25 rs.

VOLTAS : We have seen in today's market that Voltas was very strong, and it closed near day high. For Monday, one can buy Voltas with stop loss of 1 to 1.5% for target price of 518/525.

18 Oct 2018

Nifty : We have seen free fall in Nifty in yesterday session. All the support broken one by one. Now next support for Nifty at around 10380 then at 10350 level. Nifty may face resistance at 10470 then at 10505 level.

SBI : SBI broken important resistance of 262.50 in yesterday session in last hour of trade..if tomorrow it sustain below this level then we can see level of 258/256 on screen. Stock will be good only above 267 now.

ICICI Bank : ICICI Bank now made strong support at 300-310 levels .. if market open negative tomorrow and one get icici at 308-310 then one can make long position for target 320 with stop loss of 300.

VEDANTA : Vedanta just close near to support level... if tomorrow market open in red then we can see level of 205.50 / 203.50. If positive market then target 211 possible.

BPCL : BPCL now having strong resistance at 304-306 zone.. crude prices down in international market but as election time near so it is tough time for oil marketing companies..but for long term stocks are available at good prices. .. for tomorrow bpcl may touch 292 level.

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