One Target One SL

Currency Options

We provide single target USDINR options call and put recommendations. We give both intraday and positional recommendations on USDINR options. As sometimes movement in USDINR very slow, so we can tell to carry options for next trading session. We do not mention quantity in our message, one has to buy as per theri capital and risk capacity.


  • Generally one or two intraday currency options calls in a day.

  • There will be only one target in currency options with strict stop loss.

  • We send our currency calls via Whatsapp (+91-9981722011)

  • Full time support during Market hour and after market hour for any type of query or confusion.

Sample Messages :-

  • Intraday - Buy USDINR 72 call options at 0.22 stop loss 0.14 target 0.33.

  • USDINR 72 call, target 0.33 hit.


  • Positional - Buy USDINR 71 put options at cmp 0.05 stop loss 0.01 target 0.10

  • Book profit in USDINR 71 put at 0.0950.


  • Buy USDINR 71.50 CALL OPTIONS at 0.35 stop loss 0.25 target 0.50.

  • Book profit in USDINR 71.50 call options around 0.49


  • Buy USDINR 71 PUT OPTIONS at cmp 0.13 stop loss 0.05 target 0.22.

  • Book USDINR 71 PUT OPTIONS now at cmo 0.21.

Service charges :-


Rs. 4000


Rs. 11000

Half Yearly

Rs. 20000


Rs. 38000

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