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Nifty & Nifty Future

Last updated : 16 May 2019

Nifty 50 index is National Stock Exchange of India's benchmark broad based stock market index for the Indian Equity Market. To trade in this index, exchange introduced trading though Nifty Future. Code for Nifty Future is Nifty. Currently lot size for Nifty is 75. Previously it was 50. (Time to time lot size changed by exchange, so please check it once before taking any action).

Latest View on Nifty

16 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11257.10 up by 100.10 points. Nifty given positive opening and made low of 11143.35. After that till 1:50 pm Nifty was trading in range of 11150 to 11190 range. But after 1:50 pm, we have short covering in market and Nifty moved to day high 11281.55. It was weekly expiry so have seen some volatility in last hour. Nifty weekly 12000 call options moved to 50 plus from day low 5.10. Now next few days market will be volatile so there will be no support no resistance in market. So trade in market very carefully.

15 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11157.00 down by 65.05 points. Nifty opening was positive today but could not crossed yesterday high and after range bound market we have seen again selling pressure in market and Nifty dragged down below 11200 level. Nifty Future May contract made high 11300 in morning and slipped in second half to day low 11157. Now more 2 trading session, after that on Monday, market will react on exit poll. Nifty resistance now at 11180 level after that 11250 next resistance. 11080/11040 next support level for Nifty.

14 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11222.05 up by 73.85 points. Finally, after 9 days continuous fall, we have seen sharp recovery in market from morning low 11108.30. As predicted in previous post that we will see short covering in market and today we have seen almost 185 points rally from day low. We advised to buy Nifty weekly 11200 call options in the range of 40-45 today with stop loss of 5. Nifty weekly 11200 call made low 41.25 and after that it made high of 141.50. So if someone bought 2 lot also, he made 10-12k minimum profit with small risk in this options. Nifty Future May contract made low 11138 and touched day high 11338.10. Nifty Future broken yesterday high of 11328 today but could not sustain above that and again we have seen intraday profit booking in market and future slipped to 11201.55 level, but finally in last 20-30 minute session it closed at 11267.55. For tomorrow, 11270-11280 first resistance for Nifty, if cross these level and sustain then next hurdle for Nifty around 11330 level. Support for Nifty now at 11180 level, below that next support level is 11125.

13 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11148.20 down by 130.70 points. In first half, Nifty was in tight range of 11250 to 11295, but in last hour trading session, we have seen again panic selling in market like Friday and Nifty broken 11200 level and after that slipped to day low 11125.60, and closed at 11148.20 after final settlement. Nifty Future May contract closed at 11185 after morning high of 11328. Future made low of 11153.65. Nifty down almost 700 points in last 9 trading session. Nifty not getting any support right now and breaking all important levels. Market is waiting for Exit Polls numbers. We can see some short covering in next two to three session as Exit poll numbers will be announced on 19th May and Friday, 17th May 2019 will be last trading session before Exit poll numbers. As per technical, Nifty resistance now at 11180 level after that 11250 next resistance. 11080/11040 next support level for Nifty.One can buy Nifty weekly 11200 call if get around 40-45. This options may give good return if short covering starts in market.

10 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11278.90 down by 22.90 points. We have seen last positive closing in Nifty on 26th April 2019, after that day continue Nifty closing in negative. So since last 14 days bulls are struggling in this market. In intraday daily some bounce coming due to short covering but it is not sustainable. We have seen positive start in market today but US China trade war issue still affecting our market. After making intraday high at 11345.80, in last 15 min market, Nifty touched its day low 11251.05 and closed at 11278.90 after settlement. Nifty Future May contract closed at 11288.15 after making high of 11376. We have seen some buying today in Nifty weekly call options but in last 30 minutes all closed to its day low. For Monday, Nifty resistance now at 11300 level and 11250-11225 important support level.

09 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11301.80 down by 57.65 points. Nifty touched low of 11255.05 in intraday and high of 11357.60. For tomorrow, immediate resistance for Nifty at 11360 then next hurdle at 11410 level. Market is too volatile to trade. 11250-11220 support for Nifty. Below these levels we can see 11185-11190 level.

08 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11359.45 down by 138.45 points. Nifty not able to sustain any support since last 3 trading session. First it broken 11650, then 11550 and today broken 11400 also and closed below that level. Market volatility will be remain same till elections. So it is advised trade with proper stop loss and target. For tomorrow, Nifty may face resistance at 11410-11420 level. Once cross and sustain above that, then we can see some short covering upto 11450 to 11480 level. 11500 now big hurdle and need volume buying.

07 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11497.90 down by 100.35 points. Opening was positive today, but after 2 PM, we have seen selling pressure in market and Nifty broken important support level of 11540-11550 and closed below this level. So more than 150 points fall we have seen from day high today. Nifty May Future contract closed at 11541.90 after making high of 11692. It made low of 11531.35 today. For tomorrow, we have to seen wheather Nifty cross and sustain above 11550 or not. As per chart 11480-11460 is support zone for Nifty. Now market volatile, so trade carefully. One should avoid trading in weekly options here with big quantity. Monthly options good for trading at this level. Nifty Future resistance for tomorrow at 11600 and Support level for Nifty Future at 11500.

06 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11598.25 down by 114 points. All global indicies were down today 3% to 4%, but somehow Nifty maitained support of 11550 today. For tomorrow, 11665 and 11710 is resistance level for Nifty and 11550 / 11500 will work as support level for Nifty.

03 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11712.25 down by 12.50 points. It was a range bounce market and whole day Nifty was trading in the range of 11730 to 11770, but after 2:30 pm we have seen some sell off in market and Nifty broken 11700 level and after making low of 11699.35 it closed above 11700 level. So from 26th April to till last Friday, Nifty closing around 11710 to 11750 level. It is getting hurdle at 11780-11790 level in higher side and getting support around 11660-11680 level. For coming week, 11660 and 11760 level would be important. If Nifty give closing above 11760 with volume buying in stocks then by Friday it will cross 11850 level, same in reverse case if close below 11660 level with profit booking in stocks then we can see level of 11560 to 11590 again in Nifty. So we feel that this week will be important for positional trader. If you are options trader then you can go long in weekly or monthly options of Nifty 12000 call or Nifty 11900 call if Nifty breaking resistance of 11790 with volume. Same one can buy Nifty 11500 put or 11800 put options if Nifty breaking the level of 11660 with volume.

02 May 2019 : Nifty closed today at 11724.75 down by 23.40 points. In opening trade we have seen some selling pressure in market and Nifty made low of 11699.55, but soon we have seen sharp recovery in market upto level of 11787-11788. After that whole day, we have seen expiry drama in market and finally Nifty closed at 11724. Nifty May contract closed at 11764. Intraday high for Nifty May contract was 11834.40 and low was 11735. For tomorrow, Nifty support 11700 / 11670 level and resistance 11765/11800 level. Tomorrow one can trade in Nifty weekly or monthly call options, if Nifty Future sustain above 11790 then one can buy weekly call options of Nifty 11800 / 11900 / 12000 strike price. If Nifty Future break the level of 11700 then go for weekly put options.


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